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 Who are we and what are we playing?

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Who are we and what are we playing? Empty
PostSubject: Who are we and what are we playing?   Who are we and what are we playing? EmptyTue Mar 08, 2011 9:53 pm

Scorpions is an english-only speaking clan that's looking for people who want to PvP. If you can't speak ENGLISH, we don't want you and we probably don't like you either. We PvE, so we can PvP. This includes parties, raids, 9v9s, 18v18s, sieges, pking and other fun stuff in L2.


Many clans have a lot of rules, we don't. Be respectful to your clan-mates, work together, kill your enemies and feel good about it. If someone is in your hunting spot and you don't like it, kill him, end of story. Just pretend you're Denzel Washington.


We don't like to grow into 50 or 100 people as a clan (maybe a part of an alliance). Members never surpass 40, not looking for more than that, ever. Too many babies to feed then and I only got 2 nipples. I'm not a fucking cat. We'd only roll with 3 parties max.

Bottom Line: If you're looking for a clan that's pvp focused, can handle the grind, want to play with people who know the game well, work on gear as a team, then this is the right clan for you. If you are anti-social, don't apply. If you are a role-player....go jump off a cliff. These below can fit well though:

No-Lifer - The more power to you, you're hardcore.
Smart Casual - Efficient whenever you login, no fooling around. Keeps up with levels. (We'll gear you for that.)
Chicks - Because it makes the lazy-ugly gamers come online more often.

Where we are playing right now:
Looking at L2 Classic EU. (December 2015 Launch)
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Who are we and what are we playing?
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